Still alive

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Yes its been a while since Ive posted on my site. Been busy with a new job, as well as launching my DJ business ( Hopefully in the new year I will have some free time to get back to the music. Picked up some new gear im anxious to get into my rig and check out (new synth and some effects units).

Anyways wanted to wish everyone all the best over the holidays!

2 new songs finished!

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Just finished recording a few new songs from the upcoming album. Resonate and Resolve. Have a list via the Reverb Nation player on the left!


New album is in the works.

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Sorry it’s been a while for updates, Was busy with a crazy spring/summer DJ season as well as dealing with my other businesses. Anyways got some new gear to expand my studio (including a Access Virus TI2 synth!) and am not writing material for the new album.

I expect to have it ready late this fall or early winter. Stay tuned for more details.


I will be spinning an exclusive 1 hour set of some of my all time favorite classic electronic and trance songs¬† in support of the event “Memories” @

Memories is an event to show support for families of solders in Afghanistan as well as to those who lost their lives at the 2010 Love Parade. The event goes all day Saturday and Sunday, and features DJ’s from all over the world. My set is from 10am to 11am on Sat Dec 18th, 2010 so tune in and show your support!

On tuesday, I finished and released my remix for Metric’s song “Stadium Love” for the remix competition on Indaba Music.

The remix style is a little different for me, kinda a little more electronic/breaks style, has a little bit of a Prodigy influence in some of the work and production as well as some dub styling on the vocals.. Was a lot of fun to work on this track, as i LOVE the original.

Please Feel free to have a listen and vote for me. If i won, i would get some much needed cash, and potential to have the remix released comercially, which needless to say would be AMAZING exposure for me!

My new mix set will be featured on Amplified Radio hosted by DJ Ampz this week. More details, show times and where you can listen at

November 2010 Dj Demo Released

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Hey all, as i’m looking to get back behind the decks again and spin, I just finished a new Dj Mix demo. I spin some of my favorite vocal and progressive trance tracks so far this year (and a few classics) in what i think is a pretty solid set.

Anyways have a listen, and feel free to contact me if interested in having me spin at your event/function (I am also looking to a new residency in the Toronto/GTA area)

Enjoy – Bill / 303 Dreams

Bill C (303 Dreams) Dj Promo Mix - Nov 2010.mp3

New Remix is done

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I just finished a remix for the Bimbo Jones remix completion for their song “I Found Out”. Entering remix competitions is how I originally started getting some exposure and interest from the labels, so i thought It would be a good way to get things moving along again.

This remix i did as a bit more commercial dance, bordering on euro-dance. I did that because i anted to challenge myself to see if i could pull it off. I personally thing I did a good job, but time will tell.. so wish me luck in the remix competition.

Alright friends.. my first new demo track is done and mixed.. YAY!

The track is called “Your Eyes” and it’s a gorgeous trance track. Gotta say, getting back into writing after over 5 years was quite a challenge. Alot has changed in the means of production styles, sounds etc in electronic music, and it took me quite a while to come up with something I was happy with.

The end result is this track.. I spent easily about 20 hours writing and revising this track, then about another 10 mixing down and mastering this. It’s just a demo cut for now, may still do some more work on it, but wanted to post it up to let you guys hear it.

Please feel free to post your comments/critiques on the track!

Bill /  303 Dreams

303 Dreams - In Your Eyes (Demo Mix).mp3


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OK, yes I know it’s been about 5 years since the site went down, and life moved on and 303 Dreams was shelved for the time being, but now in 2010 I am back at it! I am FINALLY working on my new demo album, and have already been hard at work writing a few new tracks.

So now ive got my new home studio up and running, got me a nice iMac for working on the tunes and am back in the saddle writing new tunes FINALLY for my new demo disc. It’s been a long break but its GREAT to be back!